Our call for equality and inclusivity goes beyond the beauty space. We push for the social justice equality and inclusivity needs seen all around us.

Together we redefine the importance of creating a platform based on love and appreciation for all.

The beauty products we design are meant to implement change by empowering those who wear Minx & Mane to face the day with confidence for any of the daily challenges faced. We’re empowered and stay empowered when we look and feel our best. Also feel good knowing we give back 10% of all profits to charities and communities pushing for change. Take pride in your appearance, take pride in your causes, take pride in knowing you are making a difference. 

The team behind Minx.

If you’re anything like us, then your beauty ritual is just as important as your daily dose of coffee. At Minx & Mane, we believe that beauty and emotional empowerment go hand in hand. Our philosophy is simple: reach for the beauty that makes you tingle every day. Minx & Mane offers premium quality products that bring out a woman’s natural beauty and accentuate their personal brands. Our 3D lashes are handpicked by a team of savvy beauty mavens who own who they are. Minx & Mane is for the sassy beauty enthusiast who lives her life with a little edge and without breaking her bank. Let us be your trusted glam squad.

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Stacia Mahoney & FLOC

Learn why Stacia wanted to start Minx & Mane and what advice she has for young enterprenueres.

Our Founders

Meet the ladies behind it all. This sister dream team are working hard behind the scences each day to bring our highest qualities lashes to life.

Stacia Mahoney, CEO & Founder

Stacia Mahoney is a digital diva turned entrepreneur. As a passionate advocate for converging business and consumer needs into digital advertising campaigns, Stacia thrives in environments where she can leverage digital technologies to architect positive user experiences. Her outstanding analytical skills paired with her get it done attitude have led her to walk through the doors and lead teams at Essence, Interactive One, and more. While keeping up with digital trends has been a full-time commitment for her, so has the world of glamour. Stacia believes in the beauty of drama and lives a lifestyle to match. Minx & Mane is here to fuel her appetite for all things glam.

Stacia's favorite lash is Issa Lash

Dawn Mahoney, Founder

When she isn’t thinking about strategic ways to improve diversity, New Jersey native Dawn Mahoney is experimenting with hair, makeup, and getting her body goals straight through her love for dance. By profession, Dawn is a pharmacist who is highly conscious of the social and political issues around her. In 2008, she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at Hampton University; a multi-layered experience that deepened her passion for all things beauty. Through Minx and Mane, Dawn gets to walk away from her pharmacy counter and prescribe feel-good beauty tricks that tell a story to all women.

Dawn's Favorite lash is Doing the Most

Our Mission

Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity, inclusion, and equal representation for all on the Minx & Mane platform, including our social channels, website, charity programs and more.

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To give back: We give 10% of profits back to charities from every purchase. We focus on charities that help youth from under-privileged areas gain learning, education and nutrition as well as social justice and equality. We aim to grow so that we can give back even more.

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The charities we give to: ACLU, NAACP, Bail Project, No Kid Hungry, UNICEF, American Red Cross. 

Our products: We create premium lashes that look good, feel good and help with your inner shine. We craft the highest quality lashes so that you can rock them with the most confidence.


Each lash is constructed by hand to ensure highest quality and craftsmanship.

WEAR 10X-15X

Our premium lashes last you longer! Wear up to 15 times with proper care and maintenance.


A thin and flexible band to help provide maximum comfortability and wearability.